6 Signs It's Time To Sell Your House

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6 Signs It's Time To Sell Your House

Ever thought about moving on with the property you've lived on for years? Maybe it's time to put up a "House For Sale" sign or posting it online through online platform with location keywords (for example ‘kuching house for sale’). Most homeowners usually don't stay on their first or second property; it all depends on the timing and knowing when to put their homes up for sale.

Some of property owners may have become too emotionally attached to the home they're staying in. It could be a place where a lot of good things happened, or where some of their life achievement or milestones were reached. It could feel like a fast rollercoaster ride, or butterflies in your stomach. But the one thing that's certain is that the relationship has to end. 

The move can also be perpetuated by a sudden massive life-changing event. These types of situations leave little to no room for doubt- those newborn baby twins will definitely need a room of their own. There's simply no way they'll fit in the bungalow house you're currently living in. In the absence of such a reason, it could be hard to know when the right, proper time is.

Here are 6 definite signs you should not ignore when it comes to selling your property and relocating to a new one:

1. You're Ready For Competition

This could be the perfect time to sell your property. When you're living in a home that's inside a "seller's market", you'll definitely be tempted to let go of your house in exchange for top dollar. Who knows when the market will shift? The next one could be 10 or 20 years later. So it would be a wise move to offload. But don't forget that you'll also become a buyer, especially if that's your only living property. You should be prepared and be ready for the competition that comes with purchasing a new property. Depending on the location and your lifestyle, you may have to buy a home that's more expensive. If you have the means to compete, then by all means have a go at it!

2. You Have The Finances To Sell It

Most homeowners imagine the cash flowing in when they put up their house for sale. What they may have ruled out is that one has to spend money in order to get money. The sellers will have to "invest" in the process of selling their property before the cash starts rolling in the bank. So before you even think about selling, you should think if you have enough money to competitively put your property out the market.

Some of the most common staging processes include repairing or updating your flooring, increasing the curb value and putting on a fresh coat of paint. These kind of home preparations normally come out of pocket, so don't do anything yet if you don't have the funds to start.

3. When Remodeling Isn't The Best Option

Giving your bathroom or kitchen a remodeling can provide a fresh new look for your home. Adding a room or turning your garage into a living space may add value to it. These changes make all the difference between moving now or staying put for a few more years, but it may not be the best investment for you or your home, money wise.

Before thinking about remodeling your kitchen or upgrading your bathroom, stop and think. Do a quick research of the neighborhood. Check out what the highest price point is, then compare it to what your property can offer. See the pictures of some homes for sale, or take a quick tour. Do the home features, decor, style and condition almost look like the same as what you have? Then the return of investment may not be worth it in the long run. The better option would be to put your property up for sale.

4. The Neighborhood Has Changed

Maybe the yearly increase of homeowner costs, fees and demands are getting a bit too much to your liking. Maybe your neighbors have moved or sold their house and now you have young ones partying too much at night. As with all things, neighborhoods can constantly change for the better or for the worse. They can change overnight and leave you hapless.

It's not just the neighborhood. People change as well, and that includes homeowners. You may have been able to deal with that hour-long commute to work, but after a few years it all starts to feel tiresome. It could be a stressor in your life that you can definitely do without. Maybe your children are growing older and have needs and certain conditions that must be met. You could be looking at the prospect of having to send your kids to only one school instead of having several choices. The selling and moving to a better neighborhood is definitely understandable. It makes total sense.

5. You Have More Space Than You Know What To Do With

Empty nesters will most probably experience this situation. One day your children will move out and live on their own. The bedrooms they use and the large dining room will start to feel empty and impossibly large. One day, the prospect of having a house with 3 bedrooms and a basement will no longer be appealing. You'll start wanting a smaller house.

It's hard to leave homes that you and your children grew up with, but the fact remains that a large property may no longer be feasible. The yard and garden upkeep and the maintenance of owning a large house may prove to be too much. It definitely makes more sense to sell your home and move to a smaller property.

6. Your House Is Too Small

You may have the exact same family members, but your lifestyle has changed. It now needs more space. You may have liked working from home and changed jobs. You may have suddenly taken up carpentry or a new hobby, and now you need a new room for your workspace. You see if there's an option to add a new room, but it's simply not possible.

 If your current municipality won't allow the addition of a room or a new floor, then it may be time to pack up and move to another property. You can acquire estimates from a few reliable contractors and check the local building laws. If the add-on won't really increase the ROI of your current property, then it could be a smarter move to look for another place instead.

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